Abandonments: 42 Flickr Photo Groups for Deserted Places

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There is something about photographs of deserted places and abandoned buildings that is mysterious and intriguing to those of us who crave a combination of mystery and history, danger and thrill. If you are one such person, chances are there is a Flickr group that will make you drool – or a number of them. Organized into helpful and easy-to-navigate categories including types of abandoned buildings, objects and vehicles as well as disallowed locations, here is your one-stop guide to exploring awesome abandonments on Flickr.

(Images via: Roberto, Guil, Carl and Pixelicus)

Building Types: A number of collections of abandoned buildings are organized by general categories of deserted structures or highly specific building types, including: theaters, asylums, cottages, gas stations, bridges and tunnels, shops and stores, malls and retail, dams and spillways, factories and other industrial abandonments, churches and other religious structures, farms and other farm buildings.

(Images via: Darkframe, Evanleavitt and MsDeKay)

Building Objects: If you thought that forming an entire photo group around a single type or group of abandoned buildings or places was specific, a dedicated few take things to another level by breaking things down into types of abandoned objects, from abandoned furniture in general to chairs at abandonments and peeling wall paint more specifically – as well as doors, windows, stairs, art and other urban fragments.

(Images via: Madrid Miner, James Bell, Hendrikus and Avenzink)

General Categories: There are also a number of non-specific photography collections of urban abandonments that self-organize based on tastes and approaches or broad categories more than by building types or objects, including: urban decay and rural decay, abandoned places and things, and places that are generally damaged, decayed, dilapidated, demolished, forsaken, forgotten, condemned or overgrown.

(Images via: Ben Holt, Tic Toc, Robgo and Willy)

Illegal or Disallowed: Plenty of photography groups are dedicated to traditionally explored historical places or ghosts towns or simply to urban exploration in general, but a select few are specifically for people with an interest in places they aren’t supposed to be, among them are locations that are: secret, forbidden, no trespassing, restricted access, secret, normally inaccessible or where photography is disallowed.

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