Interactive Museum: Play in Paintings, Become Part of the Art

Making art accessible like never before, this interactive gallery encourages people to play around, with and even inside its artworks, extending the frame to include visitors.

art interactive museum design

playful engaging works of art

Located in a converted bus station in the Philippines, this unconventional museum dubbed Art In Island is packed with art that spills off the canvas and onto adjacent walls, floors and ceilings, breaking down the barrier between gallery and art as well as artist and viewer.

playful art exhibit philipines

playful interactive painting design

A series of famous regional artists were commissioned and flown in to create the series of 50 pieces that populate the place. Unlike most places, however, guests of this gallery are in turn encouraged to take pictures of themselves and their friends playing with this art. In some places, visitors can climb right into the frame of a painting or occupy a piece of it that pushes out and becomes three-dimensional in the space surrounding the work.

playful modern art space

playful art carpet ride

The idea is in part to make the experience of art a more accessible everyday activity, and to reconsider our relationship to those ‘do not touch’ signs found in most museums. There is also an element of the times (and places) involved – according to the CEO of the project, Filipinos are famous for taking selfies, and in the age of social media are also inclined to share those pictures online.