Black Rock City’s Biggest Art Car: Converted 747 Lands at Burning Man


A temporary metropolis for tens of thousands built annually in Nevada’s remote Black Rock Desert, the Burning Man festival is famous for its extreme architecture and creative art cars, the latter now including a transformed Boeing 747.

black rock 747

747 arts venue

747 in city

Fitting this year’s theme of Da Vinci’s Workshop (art and technological innovation), the huge gutted hull has been in the works for seven years thanks to Big Imagination Foundation and their supporters.

747 shell

converted 747

The carved-out jumbo jet invites people to hop on board for speakers, parties and other events. It is being towed around the dusty playa by a surprisingly small service vehicle, a bit like one might see on the tarmac at an airport.

747 work

747 gutted

747 interior

A team of over 100 artists, engineers and other creatives helped strip and reconstruct the original plane, reinforcing its removed structure with custom interior supports and adding a series of staircases.

747 art car huge

747 screens

747 lounge

747 roof

747 in person

Anyone who has attended the festival will know that one of the most fascinating experiences is the serendipity of boarding a big art vehicle and seeing where it leads, either spatially or experientially (or both). This may be the best such adventure yet, featuring interactive art, music and other live performances and inspirational talks.