Wall Art Gone Wild: Fantastic Life-Sized Room Sketches

With some of her works it is hard to tell where the two-dimensional art ends and 3D objects begin, blending as they do into one semi-continuous, surface-defying series of overlapping murals.

Charlotte Mann is a British artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installations. These densely detailed 1:1 scale drawings of rooms in rooms are invariably made with thick black marker pen on a white ground.”

There is a gritty realism to the scenes she creates, reflected in the rough and unsubtle choice of drawing materials – one can expect shirts tossed over chairs, plants overflowing their pots and the occasional cat flopped on its back upon the window sill.

“Charlotte studied Fashion desisn at Central St Martins … and has been an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London since 2001 she currently teaches at Central St Martins, Chelsea and Camberwell .”