GoGo & Multiplo: Modular Building Blocks for Kids & Adults

modular block bedroom set

Two very similar designs with somewhat different audiences, Multiplo emphasizes their kit-of-parts approach as a means toward making convertible adult furniture, while Gogo Blocks are presented as a way for children to build their own play spaces, forts and mazes.

modular blocks toys playspaces

Sinclair Smith designed the Blocks as a student project, and, when he came across Multiplo, celebrated and encouraged HeyTeam‘s development of its parallel project.

modular gogo blocks system

But the blocks can work as furniture too, writes Smith: “Gogo blocks are a children’s play system of foam pillows for building and imagining, and are specifically scaled to form a twin mattress for sleepover guests.”

modular blocks heyteam multiplo

As to Multiplo: users are welcome to invent their own configurations and transformations, but core starting suggestions include couches, beds and a square lounge pit for seating groups. Also, the color palette is a bit more passable for older users (at least: young adults), being somewhat less colorful than that of its cousin, Gogo.