Tripping You Up: 8 Funniest Scenes to Stumble Upon

If you aren’t already using StumbleUpon to find cool websites about all sorts of stuff, you may not get these jokes – but you should become part of the StumbleUpon social and website network! The first and last image shown here are real screenshots encountered while Stumbling, while the rest are satirical, critical and otherwise humorous responses to aspects of StumbleUpon.

You Are Stumbling Too Fast!

(8) Stumbling too fast: this is a real message you get when you are simply Stumbling like mad. It is probably a good sign you should be doing something else besides using StumbleUpon


(7) I HAS STMBLED TWO MUCHEZ: speaking of Stumbling too fast, there is also such a thing as Stumbling too much! This particular meme (a derivative of the LOLCATS phenomenon) started on one site and spread virally throughout StumbleUpon.


(6) The Perfect StumbleUpon Page: a fairly hilarious spoof of the somewhat formulaic content that seems to succeed more often than not on the site. This is probably related to how many Stumblers just vote on a quick view of what is visible ‘above the fold’ on a page.

StumbleUpon Insomnia

(5) StumbleUpon Insomnia: of course, you’re really not a true Stumbler until you stay up too late Stumbling things. Hopefully, however, you’re not trying to Stumble while driving!

Just Keep Stumbling

(4) Here’s a Suggestion: agree or disagree, this is a pretty clever way to visually play off the fact that you can, in fact, point to where peoples’ StumbleUpon buttons are. The creator also has a point: a lot of people spend a surprising amount of time trashing pages they could just Stumble past!


(3) STOP QUOTING THE ENTIRE PAGE: again, not all Stumblers think this is good advice – but we are all familiar with those reviews that replicate the entire content of the page in the review itself. The irony, of course, is that many people who saw this quoted it all!

Adult StumbleUpon Feature Request Spoof

(2) Adult StumbleUpon Feature Request Spoof: many Stumblers are all too familiar with the crossed out image on the left. A vocal minority of Stumblers keeps reintroducing that meme into the mix. One Stumbler finally got fed up and made the entire above image.

This is a REAL Screenshot

(1) You have seen all StumbleUpon pages. Explore others: this is, amazingly enough a real screenshot displayed when people have Stumbled their way through all of the content under a given tag. What makes it, of course, even funnier is the double-reading: all StumbleUpon pages? Really? That’s the end of StumbleUpon? Wow!