Fast Driver: Powerless Auto-Hammer Packs Strip of Nails for DIY Projects

Nail guns can be handy but also bulky and awkward, not to mention: limited by the presence of batteries or electrical outlets. A new tool for the kit comes from product designer Michael David Young: the automatic nail-dispensing hammer.

Strips of nails are loaded into the device, a tap sets the nail in place and readies it to be hammered home, speeding up the process while also reducing the risk of injury.

After years of drawing and testing, explains Young, “I finally got it to work after many many prototypes, got my provisional patent and shipped it around to the big tool companies.” He says major brands have expressed interest in his creation.

Beyond this single application, Young’s process shows the potential for rapid prototyping using digital design tools and 3D printers — versions can be modeled, printed, tested, scrapped and iterated upon in succession all for little upfront cost.