Cover Up! 15 Ingenious iPad Case Designs & Custom Covers

Watching movies, reading e-books, browsing the web – with so many uses for the iPad taking it everywhere from the airport to the beach, some enthusiasts need a variety of cases for protection, grip and style. These 15 iPad cases, covers and sleeves range from leather-bound book covers and wooden boxes to designer versions that cost three times as much as the iPad itself.

This is Not a Book

(image via: nedrelow)

It’s not a book – but you’d never know by looking at it. Simple and beautiful with its linen book cloth and sustainable felt interior, ‘Book’ by Nedrelow is even customizable – you can choose your own title for the spine and cover.

Vers Wood Case

(image via: versaudio)

A case and stand in one, the Vers Shellcase brings a warm organic aesthetic to the iPad with steel-reinforced, hand-crafted hardwood or bamboo.

Pad & Quill Book Case

(image via: pad and quill)

Another slick way to conceal that sought-after gadget is ‘The Case’ by Pen & Quill, a bonded leather portfolio case that looks like an ordinary journal. The cute little red ribbon ‘bookmark’ even has a practical purpose: you use it to remove your iPad from the case.

TAPE Cork Sleeve

(image via: ryan frank)

It doesn’t get much simpler than this: two thin sheets of cork, stitched together at the edges to create a spare yet stylish protective sleeve for the iPad, made from a natural renewable resource.

Heavy-Duty iPad Cloak

(image via: quirky)

The last thing you want is a scratch on your brand new iPad, so a heavy-duty silicone case is peace of mind. The ‘Cloak’ is multi-functional, unfolding in various configurations to act as a stand and provide a comfortable angle for typing.

Leather Volume BookBook

(image via: twelvesouth)

For reluctant iPad-toting bibliophiles who just can’t bear to give up the feel of a good, solid leather-bound book, the BookBook hardback leather case gives e-books a more traditional feel. It’s padded and protective, and also functions as a stand.

ColcaSac Hanakapiai Sleeve

(image via:

If you’re the type that will always have your iPad in hand, minus-20-degree weather be damned, maybe you need a super-insulating sleeve that will keep your iPad at a stable temp. While ColcaSac isn’t making any claims in terms of cold protection, that fleece lining is looking pretty cozy. The exterior is made from heavy-duty hemp.

Temple Bags Leather iPad Case

(image via: templebags)

The appropriately named Temple Bags created this leather iPad case which is sure to appeal to anyone who fancies himself an Indiana Jones type. In addition to this all-leather version, the company offers a design made with repurposed waxed canvas.

Ferragamo Designer iPad Case

(image via: definitive touch)

At $390, this understated iPad case by Salvatore Ferragamo is actually one of the less expensive designer cases made just for this little Apple gadget – one by Yves St. Laurent will set you back $795 while Chanel’s goes for $1,555.

Flowerly JAVOedge iPad Case

(image via: ipad case den)

Feminine and pretty, the JAVOedge iPad sleeve case is made with printed canvas with a magnetic tab closure – a far cry from all those cold, colorless, boring sleeves and cases, yet still functional and minimalist.

Stylish Handmade Fabric iPad Cases

(images via: blytheking)

Etsy seller Blytheking gained a lot of admirers with a wide selection of handmade iPad covers made with reclaimed materials in sharp fabrics like houndstooth, plaid flannel and tweed. Some even come with additional pockets for an iPhone.

Waterproof iPad Case

(image via: amazon)

So maybe it’s not the coolest, sleekest, prettiest iPad case ever. Some might even call it ugly. But there are definitely times when a waterproof iPad case would come in handy, whether at the beach or in an unexpected downpour. The TrendyDigital WaterGuard case is far superior to a gallon-sized ziplock bag, and infinitely better than a very expensive useless, waterlogged tablet.

iPad-Compatible Pocket Vest

(image via: scottevest)

If you’re not the bag-carrying type, perhaps you’d prefer to keep your iPad as close as possible – inside your clothing. The Scottevest company offers a variety of clothing items, including this travel vest, fitted with a giant pocket made just for the iPad (and many more pockets as well). It does eliminate the need for a carry-on, and the company touts its ‘No Bulge’ pocket design.

Substrata iPod Box with Lid

(image via: substrata)

For the technophiles who love the sleek, slim shape of the iPad, perhaps bulky boxes seem like a step back. But anyone who appreciates the juxtaposition of modern gadgetry and simple old-fashioned craftsmanship will get a kick out of the Substrata iPad Box, which comes with a hinged lid.

iMaxi iPad Case with Wings

(image via: hip handmaids)

Many a crafty Etsy seller began offering tongue-in-cheek handmade iPad sleeves that play on the device’s name, but Hip Handmaids offered up this humorous description: “With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi’s Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry!”