LightHotel: Mobile Shipping Container Room Fits Underutilized Urban Spaces

Designed for year-round use in the hot humid summers and icy cold winters of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, the LightHotel represents an innovative and eco-friendly approach to on-demand accommodations.

Moving from site to site, the creators say the “the city itself is its lobby” of this 8-by-20-foot container space. Triple-glazed windows, solar-powered HVAC and hydronic in-floor heating help make it cozy in all seasons. A self-contained water system with a 250-gallon tank supplies a water heater and bio-filter for gray water.

The transportable metal-clad space fits well against industrial backdrops around Minneapolis, from train tracks to oil grain infrastructure. Thanks to its off-the-grid capabilities, no hookups are required, leaving the LightHotel free to roam.

The converted container is, for all intents and purposes, self-contained. More from from its makers: “Mechanical detritus and applied typographic overlays entertain and provide functional insight. An online public digital dashboard will map guest experiences and the LightHotel’s itinerary, educating LightHotel guests on conservation and sustainability as stats are shared via social media.”