Drop Spots: Share Secret Objects With Strangers in Cities

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Drop Spots are the basis for a unique form of urban interaction. A Drop Spot is a place where you can exchange an object with a stranger in your city- pick one thing up and leave another behind. This item can be virtually anything, from a CD or quote to a photograph or piece of art. The Drop Spots website is a bit like a virtual Drop Spot itself – somewhat tucked away on the web and a bit of a mystery.

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Still, the Drop Spots process is simple: you log on, find a local Drop Spot, bring an item to it, take what is there and leave your item behind. However, the resulting interactions can be rich and complex: you never know what you might get, and can join in a dialogue on DropSpots.org (both about your item and the location). You can even create your own new Drop Spot, place an object there and list it on the site.

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Drop Spotting can be understood in many ways. It is at once an alternative and interactive type of geocaching, a form of guerilla street art and a way to safely connect, communicate and share things with strangers in your city. Drop Spots can get you to think about the invisible secrets of cities, the relationship between yourself and total strangers. For more information visit the Drop Spots online. After you try it out, be sure to check back and let us know how it went!