Micro Metros: Abstract City Models Carved from Wooden Scraps

With the eye of an architect and hand of street artist, James McNabb blends urban inspiration with a fast-paced creation process to make these amazing sketch-like sculptures of all sizes.

wood sculpture offcut art

wood grain closeup detail

woold sculpture james mcnabb

wood art in gallery

His latest series, dubbed Metros (opening at the Robert Fontaine Gallery), follows in the footsteps of Long Nights, Big City Lights, taking exotic and beautiful wood offcuts then chipping, chiseling,, cutting and sawing them into buildings and towers to form abstract skylines.

wood art new piece

wood sculpture urban woodworking

wood sculpture table design

wood sculpture above below

The results reflect a combination of architectural and artistic sensibilities, seeming much like pieces of furniture or sculpture but intentionally crafted without the same slow detail-oriented care we normally associate with those arts.

james mcnabb various woods

jaames mcnabb closeup detail

Seen at a distance, the structural details seem to blur into skylines – up close, like trees in a forest, individual buildings take shape, highlighting differences in form, color, grain and materiality.