Drawn & Quartered: Architect-Designed Log Wedge Birdhouses

Applying architectural logic to a bird’s eye view, these natural-material dwellings utilize fallen trees to create familiar and eco-friendly habitats for your feathered friends.

log unique wedge birdhouses

log birdhouse sketch processes

With concept and design development by Moger Mehrhof Architects, log quarter-sawing by Brandywine Woodworks, metal from John Madarasz and photos by Barney Leonard, this was a collaborative project taking into account the skills and abilities of all parties.

log birdhouse source material

As with so many great designs, the end product is surprisingly simple – it recalls traditional pie-shaped birdhouses and uses a minimal amount of materials and effort to achieve its results.

log architecture birdhouse design

And though birds may not make the same requests as human clients demanding unique abodes, the resulting semi-organic structures are necessarily unique, following the form of the logs from which they are cut. Log cabins for birds, if you will.

log birdhouse design detail

Another great aspect of the result: the plans and sections are relatively simple and the materials readily available, making for great do-it-yourself inspiration for anyone with a cabin in the woods.

log birdhouse with snow

As with human homes, these spaces are also designed to weather various conditions – the roofs are sloped and will shed excess weight as well.