Clever Cord Organization: 14 Solutions to Manage Clutter

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A mass of tangled cables doesn’t exactly make for a nice-looking space, whether it’s a desk covered in computer equipment or a game system in a prominent corner of the living room. You can either choose to hide and wrangle them with a clever device, or make them an intentional part of your decor with a few DIY cord organization ideas featured here.

DIY Cable Organizer Inspired by AT-ATs

Cord ORganization AT-AT

Make your very own DIY AT-AT/Cable Box with a plywood and basswood kit from GeekCook. Just place a power strip inside the body, and use the head for business cards. The kit comes flat-packed with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly.

Make Cables Into Intentional Decor

Cord Organization Intentional Decor

When you can’t manage to hide the cords to your various electronic devices, show them off instead. This DIY project by Palle Olsen mounts a PS3 and all of its cables to the wall using mounting tape and super glue

Power Lines

Cord Organizers Power Lines

This concept from designer Daniel Ballou puts cables on display, turning them into ‘power lines’ with a set of metal towers.

Florafil Decorative Cable Wrap

Cord Organizers Florafil

Sometimes, you just can’t hide cords to lamps, televisions and other electronic items. Florafil by Tanya de Cruz takes a decorative approach, turning them into vines.

More Creatively Displayed Cables

Cord Organization Creative Display

Designer Maisie Maud Broadhead creates these ‘cable drawings‘ to turn what could be an eyesore into a decorative element.