Clever Cord Organization: 14 Solutions to Manage Clutter

Recoil Winders

Cord Organization Recoil

Recoil winders make any cable retractable in sizes small, medium and large, for everything but super-skinny earbud cables to bigger cords for things like tablet chargers.

Woofy Cable Container

Cable Organizers Woofy

‘Woofy’ is basically an art piece that also happens to have a hollow inside so you can store cables in his stomach.

Snable Cord Organizer & iPhone Stand

Cord Organizer Snable

One simple little plastic device acts as both a cable management system and an iPhone stand that can secure and manage all sorts of cables of varying sizes. A non-permanent sticky pad on the back adheres it to surfaces at any angle.

Cablox Mountable Cord Organizer System

Cord Organization Cablox

Another self-adhesive grid organizer holds cables in place and routes them whichever way you need for a multi-directional solution.