Clever Cord Organization: 14 Solutions to Manage Clutter

One Man Tied

Cord Organizers One Man Tied

This little organizer from Shop Modi puts some humor into the chore of keeping cords under control.

DIY Decluttering with Peg Board

Cord Organization DIY Peg Board

Mounting a sheet of pegboard under even the sleekest, most minimalist desk can help manage routers, drives and other devices that might otherwise be sitting on your desktop looking cluttered. It’s held to the desk with dowels rather than screws, so you can easily remove it to access things as needed.

Super-Simple Cord Clamp

Cord Organization Simple CLamp

One simple flexible little piece of plastic called the ‘ISI Clip‘ clamps lightly onto the edge of a desk, holding cables in its three slots to keep them organized.

Picket Fence Cord Hider

Cord Organization Picket Fence

People use fences to hide ugly things outdoors all the time, so why not use the same approach indoors? This tongue-in-cheek design from Obolier features self-adhesive ‘fence panels’ that stick to a baseboard to wrangle cords.

Contort Flexible USB Hub

Cord Organizers Contort USB Hub

The ‘Contort’ from Quirky is a flexible four-port USB hub and cord manager in one that protects thumb drives, keeps them easily accessible and makes transport a cinch.