The Highest Scoring Video Game Artworks & Decorations

Hardcore gamers have far outrun the geeky glasses and suspenders image, and become a proud and powerful trend-starting group of consumers. Gamers have been known to display their love for new favorites through tattoos and gear, but for this generation brought up with a video game system in their home, nostalgic homages to old favorites have spread to murals and home decorations. Here are some of the highest scoring decorative video game homages:

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Wall decorations can be classy and still have a video game flair. Pac Man has always been a favorite for decorating, most likely because of it’s both subtle when integrated into house decorations, but recognizable enough to grab any visitor’s attention. Don’t forget the old classic Donkey Kong, though, as this wacky shelf demonstrates it’s still living on in some gamer homes.

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Old school games are easily replicated because of their characteristically pixellated shapes and blocky features. One common and effective tool to adding these video game staples to your community is to pick a brick wall and start filling in pixels! Tiles are also easily used to accomplish this task.

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There’s really no excuse not to let video games into your adult life. The original gamers are old enough to own homes now, and why should they hide their hobbies? Here are some creative decorative touches that spice up any room with nostalgic glimpses into video game history.

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Full blown murals of modern and classic games are hard to come by, but they do exist, and they are awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were in a game, sidle up to a side scroller and you become one of the characters, or visit Activision headquarters and check out their mural that showcases one of their racing games, “Blur”.

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It’s hard not to be a fan of old school Mario, as his games clearly dominated the early video game wars. Since his debut in Donket Kong, Mario has been hopping his way from console to console, and now onto graffiti covered walls in urban centers. Any mario, even a spray-painted one, is fine in my book.

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Video game homages don’t have to remain tagged on brick walls outside, they can be proudly displayed across bedroom walls. These home owners have added touches of video game flair that are far from hesitant, and make their living rooms a much more interesting place to hang out.