Star Wars Speakers: May the Force (of Sound) Be With You

star wars speakers 1

Blast your tunes out the eyes of either C-3PO or a Stormtrooper, the bass pounding from beneath their heads, with this set of Star Wars speakers painstakingly reproduced from George Lucas’ original designs. A company called ACWorldwide landed a licensing deal with Disney to release a range of characters from the films over the next 12 months, and is funding production of the first round on Kickstarter.

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star wars speakers 2

The designers started by sculpting originals of both heads, ensuring that every last detail is an exact replication of how the characters originally appeared. After making molds, they created reproducible castings using high-grade injectable plastic for “a more tactile feel and solid look.” The Stormtrooper helmet is made up of 48 different components.  In fact, these speakers are more like real character heads than the props used in the movies, boasting real vents and grills instead of paint and stickers that mimic them.

star wars speakers 5

The 2.1 system combines stereo sound with a down-facing ported subwoofer for powerful bass. Measuring 12 inches in height, the indoor/outdoor speakers can be plugged in or taken on the go with a rechargeable battery. Player music wirelessly with built-in Bluetooth, or hook the speaker up to your PC or external audio systems. Once paired with your device, the speaker’s eyes with glow blue and the character will either say “I do believe they think I am some sort of god” or “move along.”

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star wars speakers 4

Each speaker will come in special Collector Branding packaging “reserved for only the finest authorized Star Wars merchandise.” As a backer on Kickstarter, you can choose from standard editions of each character, limited collector’s editions, or perhaps some of the most luxurious Star wars merch ever made: a white gold-plated version of the Stormtrooper, and a rose gold-plated C-3PO.