Flip, Stack, Connect: 13 Highly Customizable Furniture Designs

customizable facile sofa

Somewhere between half-hearted DIY jobs and expensive custom-created solutions, there’s customizable furniture kits, which make it easy to create the ideal setup for your home and life without requiring special skills or tools.

Hacka IKEA kitchen

customizable ikea hacka

customizable ikea hacka 2

People hack IKEA products all the time, creating new items from cheap components available at the Swedish big-box store. The ‘Hacka’ concept is a kit that makes it even easier to do using a series of orange joints and wooden beams. You essentially create your own framework around IKEA products like countertops, sinks and storage cabinets for a completely customizable setup that’s easy to change around at your whim.

The Homework Desk

customizable homework desk 2

Start with two simple trestle legs and add whatever surfaces work best for you, whether that’s a flat desktop, a self-healing cutting mat, storage for writing implements or some combination of the three. With The Homework Desk, you can incline your surfaces like a drafting table, hang felt slings for additional storage or connect various compartments including pen holders, vertical filing systems and even a hidden phone charger. The whole front ledge of the desk functions as a ruler, too.

Push-Pull Foam Chair

customizable push pull foam

customizable push pull foam 2

Do you like chairs that are deep and low to the ground, or prefer a higher perch? Do you like armrests, or would you rather have that space free for a better range of movement? The Sink In chair consists of foam bars enclosed within a wooden frame so it’s incredibly easy to create a seat that’s tailored to your exact desires.

Dots Storage System

customizable dots 2

customizable dots
Protruding cylinders attached to wall panels in a grid pattern support a series of boxes for storing and displaying various objects in the ‘DOTS’ system by PolarisLife. Move them around, add more shelves, arrange them however you like them. When the cylinders aren’t supporting a shelf, they can be used to hang things like coats, bags and plants.