Flip, Stack, Connect: 13 Highly Customizable Furniture Designs

The Body Morphing Chair

customizable chair the body 2

customizable chair the body 1

A six-meter-long pad of canvas stuffed with rice provides a semi-rigid, moldable surface that can be laid out like a mat on the ground or folded on top of itself in all sorts of different ways so you can essentially create the ideal surface to support your body. Designer Kirsi Enkovaara says she hopes it helps people let go of learned cultural norms about how we’re supposed to sit, instead listening to our bodies to find the most comfortable position.

Tetris Storage System

customizable tetris storage

customizable tetris 2

Stack and rearrange rectilinear storage cubes of various sizes, shapes and depths with the ‘Tetris’ storage system designed for retailer Horreds. Not only can you move the modular pieces around to essentially build your own cabinet of any size, you can also choose from a selection of drawer fronts, handles, legs and doors.

Porch Swing with Removable Backrests

customizable porch swing

customizable porch swing 2

This sleek modern porch swing suspended from industrial steel cables comes with four movable backrests that you can slot into place in various ways, either providing support for up to four people at once, or making it comfortable for a single person to lounge.

Open Framework Kitchen by Valcucine

customizable open framework kitchen

customizable open framework kitchen 2

A lightweight metal framework system provides support for shelving, countertops, drawers, cabinets and virtually everything else you need in a kitchen. The entire system connects with mechanical joints so it’s easy to assemble, disassemble and interchange parts. Mix and match different colors and finishes of washable textile door covers, wood doors or metal doors.