Flip, Stack, Connect: 13 Highly Customizable Furniture Designs

Facile Sofa

customizable facile sofa

customizable facile sofa 2

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest ones. Six colorful cushions can be arranged horizontally or vertically to make your own custom sofa with the Facile by Formabilio. The cushions stand up with the help of dowels, and can be hidden within the base when they’re not needed.

Flippable, Stackable Stools

customizable oneness collection 2

customizable oneness collection

Separated, the individual components of the Oneness collection look like ordinary chairs and stools. But use the simple set of fasteners that come with them to connect them and you can come up with your own configurations of benches, cafe sets and even vertical storage systems.

The Cut Customizable Kitchen

customizable kitchen the cut

Accommodate large groups within minutes or make lots of space for cooking a large meal instantly appear with The Cut, a reconfigurable kitchen by Alessandro Isola that hides all sorts of functions within a central island, ceiling-mounted cabinets and a wall unit. Double your counter space, turn storage blocks into seating and hide all the usual clutter behind closable panels.

Versatile Rope Support Shelf

customizble rope shelf 1

customizable rope shelf 2

Any items that can fit within the four wooden walls of the Nó cabinet can be supported and displayed simply by stringing some colorful rope through the pre-drilled holes on either side. Wrap the 6-meter cord in decorative patterns, create simple shelf supports or haphazardly secure irregularly shaped items.