Nomadic Furniture: Backpack of Parts Creates Portable Seat

nomadic chair design

A wooden seat that needs to wood, glue or screws, but focusing on traditional construction techniques, this design is about the craft-oriented journeyman and not a comfort-driven destination.

nomadic backpack seat

nomadic kit of parts

nomadic furniture backpack

Jorge Penadés of Spain emphasizes the act of construction and deconstruction with his Nomadic Chair, which slots together and back apart in two minutes. It utilizes bright metal connectors and tucks away into a simple leather sling for travel.

nomadic chair joinery closeup

nomadic slotted furniture detail

nomadic metal joinery system

nomadic chair series

In both seating and backpack form it is built to stand out from the crowd. Critics will no doubt point out that it is not the most comfortable item to carry or even to sit in, but its assembly involves joinery methods that stress the process over the product. Someone looking for a camping chair is probably still best off buying one made of lightweight aluminum and seat-friendly fabric.

nomadic studio thesis project

nomadic home diagram prototypoes

nomadic housing system idea

nomadic home design system

The work is an extension of his Nomadic Studio, a student thesis project proposing larger-scale dwellings employing similar techniques to enable portable and modular home construction.