Kate Macdowell Porcelain: Explorations of Humans and Nature

Kate Macdowell creates stunning works out of porcelain. Kate’s work is aesthetically beautiful, but also has a lot of depth, as her pieces explore the interaction of humanity and nature.

(Images via thankgodimfilthy, formfiftyfive)

These quirky works are cute and creepy at the same time. Kate loves to show links between humans and our connection to nature, despite our society’s attempts to remain as distant as possible from the natural world.

(Images via ghost-light, sprayblog, treehugger)

Kate is a master at composition, and is able to create wonderful scenes from what would otherwise appear to be a random jumble. Every shard is carefully placed to create something that is beautiful from any angle.

(Images via holonblog, gradientmagazine, katemacdowell, beautifuldecay)

Kate’s attempts to show the link between humanity and nature can be seen easily in these pieces, in which a human skeletal system is revealed to be inside each animal. Both intricate and a bit disturbing, Kate’s pieces have a refreshing depth.

(Images via iwishusun, littlemissapocalypse)

Kate Macdowell isn’t without a sense of humor, and her pieces show the human / nature link in visually stunning (and fun) ways. Rabbits with gas masks and humans with multiple eyes might seem to be just fun, but Kate is actually making a very strong comment on pollution and the environment.

(Images via musingaboutmud, artofolio, paulbaines, abduzeedo, theartistathiseasel)

Few of Kate’s pieces reveal man and nature as inextricably linked, as these. With roots growing directly out of human limbs, and entire ecosystems teeming within the smooth porcelain, it’s hard not to see us as very much a part of the natural world.