8-Bit Fashion: 12 Gamer Geek Wearables & Decor Designs

8-bit sleeve 1

If you’ve always wished you could step inside an old 8-bit game or computer, outfitting yourself and your home in these pixelated designs is about as close as you’re likely to get. Make your own post-it mural, throw on a pair of extra-geeky glasses, strap a clock icon watch to your wrist and even assemble a real-life replica of an early Microsoft Windows trash can.

8-Bit Fashion by Kunihilo Morinage

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Designer Kunihilo Morinage of Anrealage unveiled a collection of 8-bit fashions at Tokyo’s Japan Fashion Week in 2012, featuring pixelated dresses, tights, shoes, masks, jackets and more. As the models walked at the show, a pianist played music reminiscent of ‘80s video games.

Key Holder and Hanger

8-bit key holder hand

Meninos Design offers a hand-shaped 8-bit hanger and magnetic key holder for under $20.

Superhero Mural Made of Sticky Notes

8 bit sticky note mural 2

8 bit sticky note mural 1

A group of employees at an office used 8,024 colorful post-it notes to create a series of 8-bit portraits of superheroes and comic book characters including Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. The use of sticky notes makes it look as if the murals are made of tiles from afar, but get close up and you’ll see that they’re actually paper. This idea would be easy to reproduce at home, if you’e so inclined.