8-Bit Fashion: 12 Gamer Geek Wearables & Decor Designs

‘Gary’ Costume by Toshiba

8-bit costume 2

8-bit costume 1

Artists Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown created this relatively creepy wearable 8-bit sculpture for a Toshiba commercial. ‘Gary’ is made of thousands of pieces of high-density foam glued to an articulated cardboard suit structure.

Pixelated Glasses Concept by Dzmitry Samal

8-bit glasses 2

8-bit glasses 1

Parisian designer Dzmitry Samal created ‘6 DPI,’ a series of 8-bit-style eyewear made of acetate, available in a range of colors. According to Samal, the design is an homage to ‘our age of informational esthetic.’

8-Bit Sleeves by Big Big Pixel

8-bit sleeve 3

8-bit sleeve 2

“Is retina display too much for you? Go backwards! You define your resolution!” says Big Big Pixel, the designer of this 8-bit sleeve made from waterproof kraft material and a soft microfiber material. It’s available in a range of sizes for MacBooks, iPads and iPad Minis.

Secret Video Game Stairway Sticker

8-bit video game stairway

Pretend like you’ve got a secret portal to another game level with this fun vinyl floor decal by JamesBit, available on Easy for $30.

Geek Wear: Matching Watch & Tie

8-bit watch and tie

8-bit watch

Go into full-on gamer geek mode with this matching 8-bit watch and tie set. The ‘Icon Watch’ by Japanese firm &design is made of ABS and stainless steel, and comes in black and white, while the tie is available in red or blue at ThinkGeek.