8-Bit Fashion: 12 Gamer Geek Wearables & Decor Designs

Pixelated Bed by Cristian Zuzunaga

8-bit bedding 2

8-bit bedding

Sleep in a pixelated dreamscape with this bed set by Spanish designer Cristian Zuzunaga, created for Swedish bed manufacturer Hastens. The limited edition upholstered bed frame, headboard and bedding set is pretty cool but comes with a steep price tag of $58,430.

Real-Life Microsoft Windows Trash Can

8-bit trash can

Just what you’ve always wanted: a three-dimensional replica of the trash can icon from early versions of MS Windows. Codeco offers a PDF so you can print sections onto pieces of paper and assemble them into your very own can.

8-Bit Sculptures by Shawn Smith

8-bit sculpture smith 2

8-bit sculpture smith 1

Made of tiny plywood cubes, Shawn Smith’s pixelated creatures look like they climbed right out of a video game screen. “My work investigates the intersection between the digital world and reality,” says Smith. “Specifically, I am interested in how we experience nature through technology. When we see images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, we feel that we are seeing nature but we are really only seeing patterns of pixelated light.”