Toasteroid: Print Your Own Custom Toast Design With This App

You don’t necessarily need skills to be a food artist these days, now that smartphone apps make it possible to do things like print custom designs on your breakfast. A gadget called the Toasteroid (a toaster on steroids?) caters to those who demand more than just the browning of bread from the typically simple kitchen appliance, boasting that it also functions as a personal weather forecaster, private messenger and doodle pad. If Kickstarter is any gauge, there’s been a long-simmering demand for just such a device.

toasteroid 2

The Toasteroid comes with a companion mobile app, and you connect your smart phone to the toaster via Bluetooth. Choose from a collection of templates available within the app or draw your own design, which will have to be fairly simple and pixelated by virtue of the way the toaster works. You can also request that the toaster prints today’s weather right onto your breakfast. There’s a fairly sensitive brownness control, and if you don’t feel like fussing with it, an ordinary lever on the side lets you use it like a normal toaster.

toasteroid 5

toasteroid 4

If you know somebody else who has a Toasteroid, you can send them a private message via toast. Presumably, the app will prompt them to stick a piece of bread into their own toaster so they can receive it. The makers also note that you can leave yourself or a loved one a reminder that’s hard to ignore – at least, until you stuff it into your mouth. Probably the most useful function is pleasing picky kids who demand that their favorite cartoon characters be visible on every conceivable surface.

toasteroid 6

toasteroid 8

If you’re still asking why, Toasteroid is ready with an answer: “Because why not.” Sure, not everything in our homes should be a needlessly complicated smart gadget, but the Toasteroid does have all the same functions as any high-end toaster and costs less than a lot of them if you get in on the pre-sale.