Mirror, Mirror: Playground Pavilion Gets Funhouse Treatment

Children in Copenhagen have a little extra whimsy and fun added to their playground experience with the Mirror House, a pavilion and learning space used by kindergarten glasses. The gabled ends and doors of the structure are covered in warped funhouse mirrors.

Designed by Danish architects MLRP, the building is otherwise a minimalist black volume of the sort not often seen in projects designed for children. The exterior is clad in charred timber, and the doors feature convex and concave mirrors.

The steel ends of the buildings not only reflect the trees and the sky, seeming to enlarge this open natural space in the middle of a large city, but the rippling makes them fun to look at. Hopefully, the kids won’t be too traumatized by birds that are unfortunate enough to fly into the mirrored surfaces.

The architects say, “At night the shutters are closed making the building anonymous. During the day the building opens up, attracting the children who enjoy seeing themselves transformed in all directions. With simple means it has succeeded to transform an existing, sad and anonymous building to a unique and respectful installation in the newly renovated park.”