Frame-Busting Art: 2D Graffiti Figures Break Free from Walls

figure frame breaking

Treating abandoned buildings and urban surfaces more like pages in a book than bricks to tag, this street artist brings an illustrator’s touch and storyteller’s approach to his unique graffiti.

figure suicidal jumper man

figure jumper up close

Though based in the Netherlands, Daan Botlek frequently ranges far from Rotterdam to cities including Berlin and Bangkok, where he draws surreal scenes with imaginary characters.

figure art subway door

Some of these creations seem to be contemplating dangerous acts, while others fight through their artificial environments or even with one another.

figure art wall scene

figure art frame play

figure art frame two

These much-humanized, frame-breaking figures are only one facet of his portfolio, but they uniquely bridge the gap between the artist’s experience with illustration on the one hand and street art on the other.

figure 3d cube art

figure abandoned building graffiti

Aside from on-paper drawings and character creation, his other public art series include a set of white cubes, again reprising this three-dimensional approach to bring objects, in this case, off the page (or wall, as it were).