Face Books: 4 Written Portraits form 3D Autobiographies

Move over, Facebook. A hybrid celebration of the written word, printed page, physical sculpture and possibilities of cutting-edge technologies, these conceptual creations breath new life into old volumes.

Featured in full three-dimensional form, with internal text conforming to exterior shape, are Anne Frank, Vincent van Gosh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdolah, designed to promote regional literature in the Netherlands.

Each page is only a little different from the last, but as those changes propagate, a shape is revealed – while only concepts illustrated to celebrate reading, one has to wonder what it would be like to pick one up and flip through the pages.

From Van Wanten Etcetera in Amsterdam (with artwork by Souverein): “Each year CPNB (Collective Promotion [of] Dutch Literature) organizzes the Dutch Book Week to promote Dutch literature. And every year a specific genre is being profiled. This year the (auto) biography is featured. This is translated in the theme ‘Geschreven Portretten’, which translates in ‘Written Portraits’. “