Mad for Vintage Motorcycles: 14 Vespa-Inspired Designs

vespa inspired sculpture 3

Synonymous with carefree cool classic Italian design, the Vespa has a timeless, iconic look that’s instantly recognizable even when translated to chairs, jewelry, alarm clocks, pizza cutters and uncanny animal-motorcycle hybrid sculptures. These vintage Vespa-inspired designs often re-use salvaged parts from discarded motorcycles, while some just make use of the simple, streamlined silhouette.

Scooter Chair by Bel & Bel
Vespa inspired chair 1

vespa inspired chair 2

vespa inspired chair 3

vespa inspired chair 4

Made from real, original 1980s parts of the Italian scooter, these chairs by Spanish firm Bel & Bel translate Vespa’s aesthetics for a new purpose. The chair features functioning lights, soft tread silent wheels, imitation leather cushions and hydraulic pistons in the base for height adjustment.

Vespa Scooter Ring by Paul Michael Design
vespa inspired ring 1

vespa inspired ring 2

vespa inspired ring 3

This fun design from Paul Michael lets you wear a Vespa on your finger. Get it in sterling silver for $300 or go all out with palladium and a real diamond for $2,295.

Zero Vespa Segway
vespa inspired segway

vespa inspired segway 2

Segways are inherently dorky, but if only this version would catch on, they’d at least be a lot more pleasing to look at. From the same design group that created the Vespa Chair, there’s the Zero, a scooter with two electric-powered wheels and a computer-controlled gyroscopic stabilizing system. Hand-built to order, it reaches a top speed of 12mph and can climb hills of up to 30 degrees.

vespa inspired skootcase

vespa inspired skootcase 2

vespa inspired skootcase 3

Considering how many kids try to ride their parents’ wheeled suitcases at the airport or down the sidewalk, the Skootcase is actually pretty practical. The fully-functional scooter doubles as a child’s carry-on sized suitcase, with a sturdy tow strap so you can pull them along when you’re rushing to catch your flight.

Vespa-Inspired Rocking Horse
vespa inspired rocking horse

vespa inspired rocking horse 2

This awesome Vespa-inspired rocking horse was a one-of-a-kind gift for the designer’s grandson Diego.