Mad for Vintage Motorcycles: 14 Vespa-Inspired Designs

Vespa Headlamp Alarm Clock

vespa alarm clock

The iconic shape of the Vespa’s headlamp is instantly recognizable even when it’s being used for the base of an alarm clock, like this one from That’s Italia.

Vespa Cam By Rotimi Solola
vespa inspired phone case

vespa inspired phone case 2

Alas, this stylish phone case fitted with a camera lens is only a concept, and won’t be for sale anytime soon. The case brings both Vespa style and the look of a vintage camera to your comparatively boring smartphone.

Vespa Animal Sculptures by Patricia Piccinini
vespa inspired sculpture

vespa inspired sculpture 2

vespa inspired sculpture 3

vespa inspired sculpture 4

Patricia Piccinnini, the artist best known for her disturbingly realistic fleshy creatures made of silicone, extends her uncanny ability to invent fantastical creatures to the automotive realm with this series of sculptures. Using the Vespa style as a base, the artist crafted a series of creatures that are somewhere between animal and motorcycle.

Via Vespa Skincare
vespa inspired skin care

If Vespa were to suddenly switch gears and decide to go into skincare, their packaging would probably look something like this. Says designer Jenny Pan: “Brand/Concept: Vespa as lifestyle: A unisex skincare line fit for the contemporary man or woman who is active with a youthful spirit and constantly on-the-go. The design is fresh and bold while still paying homage to Vespa’s Italian roots mimicking the scooter with its clean modern lines. Along with the high gloss finish of the bottles and silver chrome bottle tops, a tan leather display serves as a base for the skincare collection and completes the Via Vespa brand.”

Vintage Vespa Desk
vespa desk

vespa desk 2

A 1968 Vespa salvaged from the junkyard becomes an awesome piece of customized furniture in the hands of designer David Giametta. The ‘Reinventing a Vespa’ project uses old versions of the motorcycle that can’t keep up with modern emissions laws as the basis of midcentury modern-style products.