Bag This: 25 Wild & Weird Potato Chip Flavors of the World

When I walk down the grocery aisle looking for a snack, my gaze typically settles on a bag of sour cream and onion, or a ludicrously large pack of barbecue chips… but this isn’t always the case. There are some truly wacky potato chip flavors lurking in grocery stores across the nation, and the world. Some of the biggest brands have the craziest flavors, from shrimp and seaweed to cheeseburgers and kiwis. Here are some chips that would be… interesting… to taste:

Oddball Flavors

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Here’s a ragtag group of the oddest chip flavors I’ve seen. We have the condiments: mustard and ketchup, along with odd choices like cinnamon, seaweed, and lime. I have to admit, ketchup sounds vaguely appealing, but I can’t see myself chowing down on handfuls of seaweed flavored Pringles.

Seafood Flavors

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Speaking of the ocean, there’s a whole variety of shrimp and octopus flavored delights. Unless you’re looking to serve some cheap food at an under the sea themed party, I’m not quite sure these would be at the top of your shopping list. I cringe to think what they use to flavor these chips.

Meat and Potatoes

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This is America, and Americans like meat! Apparently this is an international love, considering how many oddball meat flavored chip combinations I’ve seen in foreign countries. You can class it up with some steak flavored chips, or have a nice honey baked ham handful for lunch. If you’re feeling really crazy, try the lamb and mint, which disturbs me more than it should.

Meals in a Bag

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Do you yearn for a future in which we can consume an entire delicious meal in a pill? Well this is the closest we’ve come: you can have an entire pepperoni pizza, or a thick juicy burger. If you’re in the mood for Italian, grab a bag of delicious Bruschetta at only a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Fruit Servings… Kind of

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There are now a ton of ways to get your daily fruit servings, juice being the most common. If you’re sick of being healthy, and just want to pretend, give fruit flavored chips a chance. There’s blueberry, mango, lychee, kiwi, and even plums!