Impossible Landscapes: Distorted Scenes Disrupt Reality

impossible landscapes 4

The laws of physics no longer apply as landscapes bend and flip, air and water blend together so that porpoises swim through the sky, surfers catch waves of clouds and the moon grows to many times its normal size. Jakarta-based graphic designer Jati Putra digitally blends photographs of nature, architecture and human subjects to create otherworldly scenes.

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These creative compositions masterfully combine images that don’t really go together in the real world, but match up beautifully in mood, tone and color so the results are surreal, yet somehow almost believable. It makes it easy to imagine a world in which you can walk up to the edge of a cliff and see the moon floating in the clouds just off in the distance.

impossible landscapes 1 impossible landscapes 2 impossible landscapes 3

Other manipulations create Inception-like landscapes that fold upon themselves in strange ways, the shape of the Earth and gravity temporarily suspended. But some are so subtle it takes a moment to realize that the trees in a forest are mirrored, with roots and another soil surface where the leaves and sky should be.

impossible landscapes 7

impossible landscapes 5

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Check out more of Putra’s work at his Instagram, @jatiputra.