Elod Beregszaszi: Paper Master Cuts to Create Folded Art

Elod Beregszaszi is a master of paperwork, but not in the normal sense of the phrase. He cuts, folds, embosses and sculpts out of a material most people don’t think twice about. When the average American uses 750 pounds of year, it’s nice to see someone who puts a more lasting use to it.

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Elod Beregszaszi’s designs are incredibly intricate and eye popping. Creating a realistic face out of paper is an unusual delight, but even his more common creations are distinct.

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While most artists working with such a specific medium typically become experts in one form of manipulating it, Elod Beregszaszi is incredibly versatile: creating sculptures, three dimensional pop ups, and expertly folded dispalys.

(Images via bingbangpouf, planet-mag)

The fragility of Elod’s work makes it that much more appealing. Like sculptures made out of sand, the perfect use of such a delicate material makes the perfect symmetry that much more wonderful to behold.

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Elod Beregszaszi is able to create labyrinth-like tiers of folded paper that look almost like an imaginary city viewed from above. The level of detail he places into each piece is truly amazing.

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Elod Beregszaszi is no doubt one of the true master paper craftsmen of our time. With unique and innovative designs, he has elevated a simple, mundane medium to one that could be proudly displayed in exhibition.