Hyper Realism in Art: These Are Not Photographs!

Hyper realism in art is mesmerizing. Take a photo in one hand and then take a look at one of these artists’ oddly perfect paintings and prepare to be shocked.

Victor Rodriguez

(Images via 10awesome, designyoutrustthecuriousbrainvivalablonda)

The Mexican artist Victor Rodriguez is able to create stunning paintings that are both hyper realistic, and yet still exhibit a very unique styling. Victor’s work is known for its high contrast and wackily fun subject matter.

Tom Martin

(Images via plusgivensplusgivens)

Many realistic painters like to show off by featuring food products that look good enough to eat. Few take it as far as Tom Martin, who is able to render a complicated food wrapper perfectly. That pile of candy bags takes on a whole new level of importance when it’s hanging on a gallery wall.

Steve Mills

(Images via curatedmag, birminghamfreepress, artfans)

Steve Mills can render a scene like no one else. Everything is perfect, down to the most minute detail of a piece of peeling paint, to the point that no one would believe these were paintings if they weren’t told.

Roberto Bernardi

(Images via booooooom, robertobernardi, recave)

Roberto Bernardi loves to play with light and reflections in ways that make one’s head spin. Mundane subjects are no longer mildly interesting in his paintings, as they form the crux of a gorgeous canvas.

Pedro Campos

(Images via bumbumbum, hyperrealismbumbumbum)

Pedro Campos’ work speaks for itself. Try grabbing a can of Coke and you’ll end up busting through an expensive gallery piece. Perfect marble spheres manipulate reflections with uncanny accuracy.

Mark Goings

(Images via apt3designhespegallery, mgoings)

Mark Goings can make a trailer into a piece of art with a few strokes of his brush. Light and shadow interplay beautifully to capture a scene perfectly. The subjects seem to be in three dimensions, as if one could simply walk right up to them.

Eric Christensen

(Images via fineartamerica, judithhalegallery, avartgalleryericchristensenart)

Eric Christensen likes his wine! If a nice merlot sounds good right now, these paintings will be quite a tease. Eric loves to portray bright still life settings straight from the table of a vineyard.

Jason Degraaf

(Images via preview-artmymodernmeteighteensixtysevenhyperrealism)

Jason Degraaf will paint anything that is difficult to portray accurately, almost as if he delights in the difficulty. Splashing water, reflective surfaces, and finely detailed subjects are his bread and butter.