4-Foot-Wide Home in Poland is Now Thinnest in the World

Nestled in the interstitial space between two existing structures and raised up one story from the street sits an improbable structure, proposed then built as an artist-in-residence live/work dwelling of incredible audacity and engineered ingenuity.

We have seen skinny houses and other buildings in places like Japan before, but no single-unit residence that matches this narrow wonder where even the bed is barely wide enough to sleep one.

Transparency, translucency and a tall angled roofs are essential to making the interior feel larger than it is. A bedroom, lounge, bathroom and office are all included at various levels, giving it a sense of separation despite all spaces running (by necessity) along the same plane.

Exposed cross-beams give each wall a sense of depth, and direct the eye up, down and out, enhancing the illusion of openness. And the inspiration for this art-centric abode designed by Jakub Szcz?sny (photographs by Bartek Warzecha) for the Polish Modern Art Foundation? An extreme short story writer named Etgar Keret.