Apps for Architects: 12 Handy Digital Tools for Home Design

Architect Apps PadCAD 1

Perfect for carpenters, contractors, architects and real estate agents, the PadCAD app is like a stripped-down version of professional CAD software that enables you to design small to medium-sized projects on your mobile device. Produce CAD drawings for built-ins, remodeling, additions and other building projects with finger-based drawing and editing controls.

Mark On Call
Architect Apps Mark On Call

Create floor plans quickly and easily with the intuitive Mark on Call app, which allows you to customize floor plans for a house or a single room with furniture dimensions and even interior design notes like paint colors. That means you can instantly tell whether certain furniture items will fit through a doorway, or whether the throw pillows your’e looking at will clash with the wallpaper, no matter where you are.

Concept Maker
Architect Apps Concept Maker

Help your ideas come to fruition with Concept Maker, an app designed especially for creatives. Over 70 ‘starters’ will push you in the right direction, and you can also get inspiration from thousands of images or search for certain themes on websites like Flickr. Take photos, record your thoughts and write notes within the app, too.

Elle Decor Lookbook
Architect Apps Elle Decor 1

Architect Apps Elle Lookbook 2

The Elle Decor Lookbook is a go-to resource for designers looking for a little inspiration, and now you can browse it anywhere with thousands of images organized by room and style. Create your own collections, take notes and share your ideas with clients, all with a few swipes of your fingers.