Transforming Tables: 16 Smart Space-Saving Surface Designs

Calypso Chair: Table to Adaptable Luxury Couch

transforming tables calypso 1

transforming tables calypso 2

The Calypso Chair by Brandon Allen is a low rounded coffee table with panels that fold out in various ways to offer either two seats facing each other or a more standard couch-like design with wooden arms that swing down to offer a working or dining surface.

Monolithic Wood Table by Brian Lee
transforming tables lee 1

transforming tables lee 2

This table and chair set by Brian Lee not only aims to show off the finest wood craftsmanship with all of its traditional joinery and beautiful grain, but also to be an abstract, monolithic sculpture when not in use. The designer calls it “A dining table with the idea of allowing the audience to gain a different perspective as an unrecognizable object when put together.”

Minimalist Table Folds Down to Just 1 Inch Thick

transforming tables lodovico 1

transforming tables lodovico 2

This minimalist table by Lodovico Bernardi is made of a single piece of plywood with a folding leg design that adds no unnecessary bulk when the table is flattened, ending up just one inch thick so it can slide away virtually anywhere.

Sweet Talk and Dream – Table to Bed
transforming tables sweet talk and dream

There’s something kind of lonely-feeling about a childlike table that unfolds into a single twin-sized bed surface, especially when you imagine it actually in use in someone’s apartment. But Matali Crasset’s ‘Sweet Talk and Dream’ table-to-bed creation could also be useful to accommodate guests, rather than being a reminder of one’s perpetual singlehood.