Brewed Fresh: 10 Hot Coffee-Centric Designs & Prototypes

Coffee Stick with Integrated Creamer

Coffee on a stick is great, sure, but what about those of us who want to sweeten the pot and add a littler creamer into the equation? Yu-Ren Lai ups the ante by mixing in a squeezable pouch of creamer at the end of a similar all-in-one coffee solution. The next step? Spike it with sugar!

Instant Coffee Packet Doubles as Stir Stick

Of course, these kinds of designs still leave you with a somewhat-substantial stir stick taking up space both on the front end (delivery) and the back end (disposal). Jaeyong Lee proposes an alternative: using your own finger to mix things up (and in).

Coffee To-Go Tops that Carry your Creamer

While these are great home-consumer concepts, what about the retail side of the coffee industry? One idea by Josh Harris for drinks-to-go involves cup caps that are contoured to neatly nest the two major coffee-related condiments: cream and sugar.

Flat-Pack Coffee To-Go Cup Carrier

But the caddy you carry is an important piece of the puzzle, too – hence this flat-pack, easy-pickup idea by Sonyun Kang that also contains a convenient side slot for storing napkins should those nicely-carried, coffee-top creams and sugars turn out to be a problem after all.

Used Coffee Turned into Productive Post-Consumer Batteries

No matter what form your caffeine takes, there is always associated waste. Caps, Nespresso capsules, coffee grounds and water … but what to do with these remainders when you are finished enjoying your coffee? Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler have figured out a simple way to convert these used elements into working batteries – perhaps you could go full circle and in turn use the generated energy to brew up your next batch.