Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks

Whiteness Costume by Julia Krantz

Futuristic Fashion Whiteness Julia Krantz

This strange project by Julia Krantz is a combination of costumery, photography and graphic design, focusing on the concept of a fictional guerilla protester. Decked out in a protective get-up, the model is dressed in all white to represent the forces of good in times of popular uprisings.

Andrej Pejic in Dazed and Confused

Futuristic Fashion Andrej Pejic

Futuristic Fashion Andrej Pejic 2

Futuristic Fashion Andrej Pejic 3

Featuring model Andrej Pejic, this editorial in Dazed and Confused magazine by photographer Anthony Maule and stylist Robbie Spencer looks like fashion from another planet. The shoot features alien armor, vaguely psychedelic superhero costumes and clear plastic exoskeletons.

Structure by Winde Rienstra

Futuristic Fashion Winde Rienstra

Designer Winde Rienstra’s stunning Spring/Summer 2012 collection looks like architecture for the body, with bridge-like structure spanning shoulders, chests and hips. The collection explores the ambiguity between clothing and objects with wearable sculptures that transform the shape of the human body.

Animatronic Fashion by Hussein Chayalan

Futuristic Fashion Animatronic Chayalan

“The girl walked in and stood stock-still, dressed in a long, high-necked corseted Victorian gown,” writes Sarah Mower of Style.com, who was present for Hussein Chayalan’s debut of his Spring Summer 2007 collection. “Then her clothes began to twitch, move, and reconfigure of their own accord. The mono-bosom top opened, the jacket retreated, the hemline started to rise, and—finally, amazingly—there she was, wearing a crystal-beaded flapper dress: a woman propelled through fashion history from 1895 to the twenties in the space of a minute.”

Check out this amazing transformational animatronic fashion in the video above, but be warned – there are just about zero clothes left on the models by the end.

Smoke Dress and Cocktail Dress

Futuristic Fashion Smoke and Cocktail Dresses

Fashion already has the function of protecting our bodies and expressing personal style, but should we expect it to do more? The TECHNOSENSUAL: Where Fashion Meets Technology project showcases high-tech fashion capable of performing all sorts of strange feats. In addition to a dress with sensors that turn the fabric from opaque to transparent depending on who’s around, the exhibit featured a literal cocktail dress that dispenses fancy drinks, and a dress that cloaks the wearer in clouds of smoke for extra mystery, allure and coughing fits.

Invisible Shoes and Illuminated Heels

Futuristic Fashion invisible Light Up Shoes

Of course, futuristic fashion extends to our feet as well, and these two designs from Andreia Chaves and Rodarte don’t disappoint. Chaves’ ‘Invisible Shoes’ are covered in faceted mirrors to reflect the surrounding environment, while Rodarte’s illuminated heels, imbedded with small LED lights that glow through a material that appears to be dripping wax, appeal to the grown-up, stiletto-loving woman who still secretly covets light-up sneakers.