Custom Redress: 7 DIY Clothing Designs, Ideas & Reuses

Dress Shirt: Three Steps to Transform Top to Bottom

diy mens shirt dress

Monoxious shows how you can turn a men’s shirt into a women’s skirt – a twist on a long cultural tradition of girls wearing their boyfriends’ over-sized clothes, but in this case adapted in the course of adoption.

Broken Umbrella Skirt: Turn Weather to Your Favor

diy umbrella clothing concept

Cecilia Felli takes a similarly straightforward and pragmatic approach to another all-too-typical situation: the broken umbrella.

diy umbrella skirt conversion

What seems useless and ready to be discarded, though, is also just a few steps away from being turned into a summer dress when the rain stops and sun starts shining again.

Hoodie Origami: Turns Sweaters to Shoulder Bags & More

diy clothing conversion projects

And it does not stop there: consider all the possible uses of a hooded sweatshirt beyond its origins as a hoody: shoulder bags, computer bags and backpacks can be made out of a kind of textile origami as illustrated via ConceptualDevices.

Color-Scanning Sewing Machine for Perfect Matches

color scanning sewing machine

And if you need to fix something you already own? How about a color-matching sewing machine (concept by Monika Jakubek & Anna Mueller) that scans your shirt or skirt and sews in that same shade, combining cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black) as needed along the way