Kids’ Rooms Rule: 32 Creative & Fun Bedrooms for Children

9 Bright Bedroom Collections by KIBUC

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KIBUC offers modern, modular, all-in-one bedroom solutions for kids of all ages, ranging from newborns to young adults. Baby bed platforms include storage, changing tables and cribs, while toddler rooms incorporate lots of room for toys. As children get older, they’ll need desks, space for televisions or computers, and possibly an extra bed. KIBUC even offers options that are tailored to different personality types, like bedrooms with couches for more social kids, or secluded spaces for introverts.

Star Wars Bedroom by Rado Rick Designers

Kids Bedrooms Star Wars

While the custom Star Wars mural is definitely the standout element of this room, Slovakian firm Rado Rick Designers also created furniture tailor-made to fit the space, like neon yellow floating shelves and a corner desk.

Elegant Organized Bedroom by Neopolis

Kids Bedrooms Elegant Neopolis

Kids Bedrooms Elegant Neopolis 2

This cozy custom bedroom has an organic feel with lots of curving, spiraling wood elements and a large illuminated tree  centerpiece on the wall above the beds. Designed by Neopolis for a family with a three-year-old girl, the bedroom includes room for a second sibling in the future, and is neutral enough for both boys and girls.