Rad Restroom Designs: 15 Actually-Awesome Public Potties

Inflatable Public Restroom Cloud, Columbia University

Amazing Public Toilets Inflatable Cloud

This temporary structure at Columbia University was made as part of a project to call attention to neglected public bathrooms, and it certainly does that, with an inflatable cloud powered by the fan that ventilates the restrooms.

Trail Restroom by Miro Rivera Architects

Amazing Public Toilets Trail Restroom

This restroom along the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail in Austin, Texas was conceived as a sculpture in a park, with plates staggered in height to control views and allow for penetration of light and air.

Eco-Friendly Toilet, Shenzhen, by X-Urban

Amazing Public Toilets X-Urban Shenzhen

X-Urban Associates designed a public restroom for a forested area in Shenzhen, China that blends into the ecological environment and sits lightly upon the landscape.

Halftecture O by Shuhei Endo

Amazing Public Toilets Halftecture-O

A plain white concrete public bathroom structure, not unlike any other you’d see in virtually every anonymous city around the world, is transformed by a single flat sheet of anticorrosive steel. Shuhei Endo architects used the sheet to create an angular, dynamic casing for the Osaka lavatory that protects it from weather while leaving it open to the fresh air.

Tokinura Lavatories Shimodate by Shuichiro Yoshida Architects

Amazing Public Toilets Tokinokura 1

Amazing Public Toilets Tokinokura 2

A tall, narrow block of public facilities is inserted into an alleyway in Chikusei City, Japan by Shuichiro Yoshida Architects. The double-height structure contains just two cubicles and a single wash basin, with high windows reaching up to access sunlight that streams down between the two buildings on either side.