Floating Architecture: 16 Dramatic Cantilevered Structures

House on the Edge

Cantilevered House on Edge 2
Cantilevered House on Edge 1

A cute little suburban house seems to be close to falling off the edge of an urban building in San Diego. Fallen Star is an installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, whose work explores the concepts of home and cultural displacement.

Timmelsjoch Museum

Cantilevered Timmelsjoch

‘The Timmelsjoch Experience’ by Werner Tscholl Architects is a sculptural structure located within the deepest, non-glaciated indentation in the main Alpine ridge between Reschen Pass and the Brenner Pass in the Italian Alps, focusing views over the adjacent road to the nearby Swiss border.

House R by Bembé Dellinger, Germany

Cantilevered House R 1
Cantilevered House R 2

The dramatic yet minimalist House R has a dynamic feel thanks to the geometric cantilevered volume with three glassed sides to provide elevated views of the surrounding land.

Busan Cinema Center by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Cantilevered Busan

“Once we build architecture like aircraft wings we will no longer need columns,” says Coop Himmelb(l)au of their design for the Busan Cinema Center, which serves as the site of the Busan International Film Festival as well as a variety of other functions. “The cantilevered part of the roof with its 85 meters is twice as long as the wing of an Airbus 380.”

Cantilevered Bunker, Ukraine

Cantilevered Structures Main

Is this crazy-looking building an actual existing cantilevered structure, or a particular skillful Photoshop job? Since it’s supposedly located in a remote area of Ukraine, it’s hard to say. Supposedly, it’s a bunker for excess mineral fertilizers.