House of Metal: 15 Steel and Aluminum-Clad Residences

Recycled 747 Jet House by David Hertz, California

Metallic Houses Recycled 747

Reclaimed 747 parts
make up almost the entirety of this 4,000-square-foot Malibu residence known as the Wing House. Santa Monica architect David Hertz of Studio of Environmental Architecture originally intended to only use the wings of a plane, but discovered that buying an entire plane and using the rest of the raw materials made more sense. The $35,000 plane purchased at a scrap yard cost $35,000 and yielded 4.5 million pieces of metal.

Skinny Metal-Clad House, Osaka

Metallic Houses Skinny Osaka
Metallic Houses Skinny Osaka 2

Sliding into an alley like a metal suitcase into a nook, this home in Osaka features a perforated facade that enables natural light and ventilation while maintaining the family’s privacy.

Toyo Ito’s Aluminum Prefab House

Metallic Houses Toyo Ito

From the outside, this unusual prefabricated house by Japanese architect Toyo Ito more closely resembles a toaster or other small metal home appliance than a home. The aluminum-clad house has two levels measuring a total of 624 square feet.

Dutchess House No.1 by Grzywinski+Pons, New York

Metallic Houses Dutchess

The matte aluminum siding chosen for Dutchess House No.1 was designed not only to amplify the hues of the surrounding trees as they change over the year, but also for its performance. The owners desired a vacation home that could stand up to harsh weather with minimal maintenance, since they wouldn’t be around to take care of it full-time.

Aluminum House by Riken Yamamoto

Metallic Houses Riken Aluminum

The Ecoms House by Riken Yamamoto was designed as a prefabricated aluminum construction system that can be made using a kit of parts based on a four-foot module. Each of the four sides of the metal home is composed of a 34-foot-square framework of four-inch-thick panels that provide structural support without sacrificing light and view.