House of Metal: 15 Steel and Aluminum-Clad Residences

Reclaimed Grain Silo House

Metallic Houses Silo

Two former grain silos were joined to create a surprisingly beautiful house complete with a wrap-around balcony off the master suite. Custom furniture was designed to fit the round shape of the interiors, including bedroom pods for the owner’s grandchildren.

Kanbara Aluminum Gatehouse, Shizuoka

Metallic Houses Gatehouse

A manufacturer of lightweight modular aluminum panels commissioned this gatehouse as a showroom of their products. The panels can be used as horizontal or vertical cladding, creating a complete building system.

Aluminum House by Unit Arkitektur, Sweden

Metallic Houses Unit

One of few remaining villas from the 20th century around lake Gärdsken in Sweden, this small wooden two-story house has been expanded without compromising its historic character thanks to a metal addition that contrasts with the original structure. The aluminum sheets of the facade act as a trellis for growing vines, and feature a laser-cut pattern.

Crossbox Shipping Container House

Metallic Houses Shipping Container

Shipping containers are increasingly being reused for architecture of all types and sizes, from tiny backyard offices to towering hotels. In most cases, the original material is still recognizable, but CG Architects have given these two a dramatic look with black and green paint and a perpendicularly stacked, cantilevered shape.

Void Masonry Steel Home

Metallic Houses Void Masonry

Alternating blocks of steel and glass mimic traditional brick-by-brick masonry, but translate it in a way that’s totally fresh and unexpected. Atelier TEKUTO has created a half-transparent home in which the individual blocks act as storage niches and windows.