Stay on the Go: 13 Stackable, Movable Modular Hotel Designs

Modular MicroHotel
Modular Hotels Micro 1

Modular Hotels Micro 2

The Modular Microhotel is a prefabricated module made up of ‘slices’ of an archetypal house shape, so the units can easily be expanded to any size. Additional square-shaped modules feature flaps that can open up or down to create terraces or porch roofs.

Snoozebox Portable Shipping Container Hotel
Modular Hotels Snoozebox 1

Modular Hotels Snoozebox 2

Okay, so Snoozebox definitely isn’t the prettiest hotel in the world. Strikingly utilitarian with its stack of shipping containers and rooftop shades, the hotel leaves something to be desired from the outside in terms of visuals, but each individual room is surprisingly streamlined, and best of all, the whole thing is extremely easy to load up and transport to the next destination. Anywhere from 40 to 400 containers can be stacked together in virtually any location to create an instant pop-up hotel.

Drop Eco Hotel
Modular Hotels Drop 1

Modular Hotels Drop 2
The DROP Eco-hotel consists of individual pods that can be ‘dropped’ almost anywhere, raised on wooden and steel elements to avoid contact with the soil. Spherical transparent enclosures on each end can be opened to the resh air to put guests into direct contact with their surroundings.

Jenga-Like Hive-Inn
Modular Hotels Hive Inn 2

Modular Hotels Hive Inn 1

The Jenga-like ‘Hive Inn’ is essentially a bunch of modified shipping containers plastered in bright graphic branding that slot into a towering metal frame. Each individual module is sponsored by a particular company and might contain a hotel room, an office or a store. The sponsoring brand designs the interior for a totally one-of-a-kind experience. A crane kept on site permanently makes it easy to swap out the containers as desired.