Fairytale Retreats: 15 Magical BlueForest Tree Houses

Treetop Dining House
Blueforest Dining Treehouse

Who would want to eat in an ordinary dining room when they could step outside their door and sit at a table for twelve inside this treehouse? Built around a 300-year-old oak, the cedar-roofed structure has walls open to the elements so they can take in the breezes and views.

Treehouse Study
Blueforest Treehouse Study

You might get a lot more work done if you could retreat to a treehouse study like this one, built for a retired scholar in Oxfordshire. The idea of the elevated structure came about because it’s located in a flood zone, so when extreme weather occurs, the inside of this space stays dry.

Tree House Kitchen
Blueforest Tree House Kitchen 1

Blueforest Tree House Kitchen 2

Used to hold cookery lessons, this Surrey treehouse features a custom kitchen, shower room, large outsid deck and a network of rope bridges leading to smaller additional decks.

Sleepy Hollow Tree House
Blueforest Sleepy Hollow Treehouse

Described as “the ultimate place to use up all your energy,” Sleepy Hollow doesn’t exactly live up to its name. It’s a playhouse with a Tarzan swing, wobble bridge, rock wall, swing steps, slide, climbing net, zip wire, monkey bars and more.