Fairytale Retreats: 15 Magical BlueForest Tree Houses

Birr Castle Tree House
Blueforest Birr Castle Treehouse

The tallest tree house in Ireland rises three stories into the forest outside the Birr Castle, home to some of the rarest tree species in the world. Designed to resemble an adventurous fairytale castle, it’s got a labyrinth of turrests, tree decks linked by rope bridges, secret tunnels and a giant bouncing pillow in addition to its round turrets and Gothic-style windows.

Fibonacci Tree House
Blueforest Fibonacci Treehouse 1

Blueforest Fibonacci Treehouse 2

The organic, shell-like shape of the Fibonacci Treehouse was inspired by the geometry of the Fibonacci spiral, a logarithmic spiral often found in nature. Set in the woods on a private property in Spain, it offers a relaxing space to hide away and features a modern kitchenette.

Treetop Castle Tree House
Blueforest Treetop Castle

Built about 9 feet off the ground around a large tree, the Treetop Castle is a dream getaway for kids, with lots of different play accessories built into the surrounding deck.

Art Studio
Blueforest Art Studio Tree House

This project is actually a restoration of a tree house that was previously built by another company, but not doing so well after a decade. Blueforest made a bunch of changes, including new cladding materials, replacing the original doors with a gothic arched window style, and making the roof waterproof.

Lake District Tree House
Blueforest Lake DIstrict Treehouse 1

Blueforest Lake District Treehouse 2

A spiral staircase leads to the charming front door of the Lake District Treehouse, a custom creation for a private residence with arched windows, a thatched roof and lots of handmade quirks.