LEGO Architecture: 12 Sets Explore Buildings Brick by Brick

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

LEGO ARchitecture Guggenheim

One of New York City’s most recognizable modern buildings, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is another famous Frank Lloyd Wright creation. The design recalls the organic symmetry of a nautilus shell while simultaneously referencing the rigid geometry of modernist architecture. This particular LEGO set features a few pieces that are highly unusual for the brand: large, curving disc-shaped bricks for the main part of the building.

Cuusoo Ancient World Civilizations by Matija Grguric

LEGO Architecture Ancient Civilizaton 1 LEGO Architecture Ancient Civilizations 2

Aspiring LEGO architects don’t have to wait for the brand to come out with official sets to recreate any architecture they can dream up, of course, but it helps when you’ve got the support of LEGO Ideas (formerly known as CUUSOO), which works with the LEGO Group to produce special community-supported sets. Matija Grguric created the ‘Civilization Series,’ including Machu Picchu, Hatshepsut Temple, a section of China’s Great Wall and even the Moai sculptures of Easter Island. Anyone can upload a creation to the LEGO Ideas site, and if their design gets 10,000 supporters, it’ll be reviewed for a chance to be made into an official product.

Sydney Opera House

LEGO Architecture Sydney 1 LEGO Architecture Sydney 2

The peaks of the roof shells that make up the most recognizable part of the Sydney Opera House were a special challenge for LEGO artist Adam Reed Tucker, who says “Everything could be a bit off here and there, but get those peaks wrong and the entire essence of the poetic form would be compromised.” Inspiration ultimately came from a strange place – the curving elements in the boots of a model of Buzz Lightyear, which Tucker was also working on.

Farnsworth House

LEGO Architecture Farnsworth

The Farnsworth House is one of the most well-known works by architect Mies van der Rohe, and this LEGO set opens up those glass walls to the air. Relatively simple as far as architectural LEGO models go, it’s more of a display piece than a challenge to build.